Bubba Watson: The Common Man’s Man in an Elite’s Sport

All semester we have talked about the differences in sports for people in different social classes. How many people play the sports that fits their social class structure. Whether that be football, soccer, or baseball for the working class Joe or sports like golf and tennis for the high society class,but many people do not stray out of the sports that are outside of their class. Reasons being that many obstacles stand in the way for many people considered lower class like money, coaching, etc. However, there are people who have taken a chance to make a name of for themselves where they did not have all the advantages that others in their sport had. The prime example of this adventure is PGA golfer Bubba Watson.

Bubba Watson is a two Masters champion along with winning multiple other majors. He is one of the few lefties that is in the PGA and has one of the longest drives the PGA has ever seen. But what sets Bubba apart from his counterparts? Bubba has never had a golf lesson in his life. He is a true self-taught golfer. Many pros have had some type of coach through out their lives, whether it be one they have had for years or they change constantly to improve their game. The hiring of a coach can cost tons and tons of money and is a prime reason why one does not see many lower class people making their way up in the ranks in golf. His swing and his style are all home-made. He likes to have fun and let loose with his bright pink driver. For decades, the game of golf has been seen as conservative. You do not stray outside the lines if you want to have success. But then there is Bubba who is seen in pictures wearing only overalls and nothing else like the country folk he is. Throw all those conceptions of golfers aside for Bubba because the only similarity that he has is the love for the game and a white ball that goes far, very far. He embraces the life he has grown up and never forgets where he came from. After winning the Masters a couple of weeks ago Bubba posted a picture of his celebration dinner. One would think that after winning one of the most prestigious events that golf has and the paycheck he just got from it, Bubba and his family would be celebrating in style. But that’s not Bubba, he went to the Wafflehouse with his family and friends. A common people restaurant for a common man.

Bubba embraces the idea that one has to have fun in the sport they play. In golf especially, sometimes it can be hard to find that sense in fun through all the rules and expectations one must follow if they want to gain success in golf. Bubba thinks outside of the box which is helps with the success he has seen on the course. He sees things other golfers do not see because they were trained a certain way to play. The only way Bubba knows is to hit the ball and get the ball in the hole, no ifs, ands, or buts. However, the change that Bubba has been making in golf, even how unpredictable and obscure he is, it has earned him a spot at the table with some of the greatest golfers the world has ever seen. A boy who came from a quiet, humble lifestyle has become one of the funniest and amazing golfers to watch because he always leaving you guessing what will happen next. You never know what he will do next because he is something the golf world has never seen before. Next time you’re watching golf or catch a glimpse of a tournament, look for that bright pink driver, in a maybe not mechanical sound swing but one that works because you will be watching a piece of golf history. The beginning of change is here for a sport that has been considered very high-class and strict in its players and structure, and his name is Bubba Watson aka the self-made common man.


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