“You Chickensh*t MotherF%cker”

Let’s talk politics. Let’s talk religion. Let’s talk race. With this story we got all three. By now I am sure we have all heard or at least heard of the remarks made by the L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling which make him sound more like a pre-civil war plantation owner or he’s still stuck in 1978 small town Odessa, TX than that of an owner of an NBA basketball team in a 21st century metropolis.
TMZ first broke the story with an audio tape recorded by V. Stiviano, Sterling’s “girlfriend” or sugar baby, of the two arguing because The Donald was upset that she posted pictures on Instagram of herself and two black athletes Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson. What’s ironic about V. is that she too is black and Mexican who had apparently changed her name because “fully accepted because of my race.”
Donald Sterling’s is publically known for being racist. He had to settle a multimillion dollar lawsuit that he got himself in by not letting anyone but Koreans live in an apartment complex he owns in L.A.’s Koreatown. Then in 2009 he was sued by former longtime Clippers executive Elgin Baylor, who is black, for employment discrimination on the basis of age and race. The lawsuit alleges Sterling told Baylor that he wanted to fill his team with “poor black boys from the South and a white head coach”
So it’s not surprising that there is tape of Donald being racist and then some, he even brought Jews into it. Nor is it surprising that a million possibly billionaire has a “girlfriend” or archivist as she labels herself who is half his age. Nor is it surprising that the players in the NBA are protesting Sterling. Nor is it surprising that Snopp Dogg called Donald Sterling a “bitchass redneck white bread chickenshit motherfucker”, fair.
What is surprising is that Donald Sterling is still a Los Angeles Clippers owner. What is even worse is that there isn’t a whole lot that the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver hasn’t done anything about this yet. There is an investigation ongoing but does Sterling really deserve due process? NO! He’s been a known racist who’s already had multiple lawsuits filed against him because of discrimination. Clipper sponsors have been dropping at the rate of one every thirty minutes since the tape was released and his comments made public. Twitter has been set ablaze with current former and future NBA players and other pop culture icons dissing Donald and calling for his head.
There is no doubt that Donald Sterling won’t be an owner for much longer and if he still is at the beginning of next year good luck Clipper’s trying to find anyone who will play for someone like Mr. Sterling. There is no place in today’s society for someone like this especially in the NBA where 78% of its players are black. If it weren’t the playoffs I really doubt that you’d be seeing Lob City running up and down the court.


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